Where to find memory ICs?

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Thu Aug 14 21:06:27 CDT 2008

> >> Surely, the cheapest source of old memory ICs is removing them from old
> >> memory boards.  A J-RAM/J-Laser or Intel AboveBoard can yield a lot of
> >> chips.

Jim Leonard wrote:
> > It is an AboveBoard I am trying to *populate* with said chips...

Sorry about that.  When I needed to build some bookcases, a friend told me
that the cheapest source of planks was to buy old bookcases and break them

On Thu, 14 Aug 2008, bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca wrote:
> Maybe Fred has a few (full?) AboveBoards kicking around ... save you a
> lot of work.

Sorry, I don't think that I have any AboveBoards around.  But, in the
bottom of storage, I have a tote full of J-RAM/J-laser stuff.  If I can
make it to VCF this year, I should load up my van.

Grumpy Ol' Fred     		cisin at xenosoft.com

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