WTB: DEC PC04 Paper Tape Reader/Punch

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at verizon.net
Fri Aug 15 19:04:21 CDT 2008

On Friday 15 August 2008 20:00, Eric Smith wrote:
> Rick Bensene wrote:
> > The small pull-through tape reader that someone mentioned being sold on
> > eBay by "mikesdavis" uses a very similar phototransistor array to that in
> > the PC-08, but only has 9 phototransistors instead of 10.
> I thought Mike was making his own using surface-mount phototransistors,
> rather than a monlithic array.

I have a bunch of phototransistors,  salvaged from scrapping VCRs,  each of 
which has at least two (usually more) in there,  if anybody needs some...

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