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On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 01:24:33PM -0700, Gene Buckle wrote:
> Very cool. :)

Cool indeed, but I have to say that back in the day, I was a Lattice C
user on the Amiga and thought it was a pain to have to "port" project
from one compiler to another on the same platform (different 'make'
environments, plus for system code, Manx/Aztec C users on the Amiga
frequently used inline assembler in a way that wasn't easy to migrate
to something friendly to the Lattice compiler - one case in point was
that I never did get a user-written 5.25" driver ported over to Lattice
to do some fiddling with RX50 diskettes).

I'm not saying it was a bad compiler by any means, just different enough
from the one I had to be a pain.


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