IBM 4702

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at
Sat Aug 16 03:31:49 CDT 2008

David Betz wrote:
> Actually, I wouldn't count on it being there more than a few days. It's 
> in a trailer with TVs that are headed for recycling. I would pick it up 
> myself but I'm going out of town for a week starting early tomorrow 
> morning. I could have picked it up during the day today but didn't get 
> any encouraging responses on the list before my deadline passed. Sorry!

Give them a phone, maybe they'll stick it in a corner for you.  Expect 
to need to bring something nice to have with a cup of tea when you go 
round to pick it up.

You'd be amazed how helpful "the guys on the ground" at the local cowp 
will be if they think you're a good source of packets of biscuits ;-)


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