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Little known ( I think... ) Speak & Spell trivia fact; The very first
original S & Ss ( circa 1978 ?? ) with the hard molded buttons had swear
words that the programmers had sneaked into the voice code ROMs. On mine you
could access these by selecting the module ( with no ROM module plugged in )
and select level D. It would then say " Spell .... a bunch of garbage words,
and then swear words" at the end . I have a .wav and an MP3 example of this
little S & S Easter Egg... TI found out ( of course ) and recalled as many
units as they could. If you can find one now they are quite rare and very
entertaining. A special ed teacher I know used S & Ss to help her kids and
was wondering why they kept laughing uncontrollably. They had figured out
how to access the "special" words ....

Best regards, Steven

I have a 1978 (raised button) speak & spell here, and I tried what you 
said. While it does glitch out randomly (the speech rom is apparently 
accessing open bus instead of the module, and is saying gibberish which 
occasionally points to the valid internal rom), I'm not hearing anything 
that could be considered swear words. yet.

Also, afaik the US speak&spell only had two rom revisions:
CD2300/TMC0351 plus CD2301/TMC0352 in the 1978 one with the raised 
buttons (32KiB of total rom, 16KiB per chip)
and CD2350 in the 1980 one with the membrane/flat keypad (16KiB total 
rom, probably a cost-cutting measure, only has half as many words I think)
Which version was supposedly recalled? the earlier one?
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Lord_Nightmare (scroll down) to 
see all the CDxxxx chips I know of, and which ones have had their 
contents read out. (if you have any I'm missing, such as the UK 
speak&spell 78, or the italian grillo parlante, or the german 'buddy', 
email me off list)

Jonathan Gevaryahu

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