yet again: shipping advice

Jim Battle frustum at
Tue Aug 19 16:04:31 CDT 2008

I obtained the Wang 1200 word processor that was mentioned  few weeks 
from list member Bradley Slavik (thanks!).  it is sitting in my sister's 
garage in Berwyn IL (just west of Chicago).  I need to ship it to 
Austin, tx.

My hand wave on the item, not having seen it, but having a picture of 
one in a brochure.  4" wide, 2.5" deep, 3.5" high, 100 lbs or so.  It 
turns out 100 lbs is a price boundary, but up to 200 lbs is only about 
$50 more.

Based on my hand wave of dimensions and weight, craters & freighters 
quoted $500 to pick it up in berwyn (60402), crate it, and ship it to 
austin (78737).  Certainly you couldn't pay me $500 to do it myself, so 
on that basis they are the best option I have so far.

I know various people on this list have had better or worse experience 
with shippers, and I don't mean to get into that discussion again.  I 
was just wondering if this quote is reasonable.


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