OT: Microsoft crazy academic deal

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>Eric J Korpela wrote:
>  Funny, but OpenOffice is still free.
>tonym wrote:
> Funny, but it's still not fully Office 2007 compatible.
>Funny, but that's one of OpenOffice's best features. It does the stuff 
>I need, without nearly as much useless bloat as MS Office 2007. I deal 
>with Word and Excel documents routinely, and although I occasionally run 
>into one that uses an exotic feature not in OpenOffice, it's never been 
>anything that prevented me from doing what I need with the document.

Funniest, is that "feature" makes it unusable at, oh, 9 out of 10 universities in this country, and countless
numbers of businesses. I know I couldn't use it at work - it wouldn't open hardly anything.

I'd me MORE than happy to install OpenOffice on my wife's laptop...
But what is she to do when the send her stuff in Office 2007 format, which OO can't open?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not pro Microsoft, or anything. This is just a tool that my wife needs in school,
and it was cheap. Obviously, by installing OO 2.4.1 and trying to open some of her docs from her last
semester, OO isn't going to cut it. It opened 3 out of 17,and the rest, it wanted me to go through a HUGE list of formats to choose one,of which most Office 2007 stuff was missing. Office jsut knows what it is.

Couldn't even open the PowerPoint presentations at all.


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