OT: Microsoft crazy academic deal

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>tonym wrote:
> Not to be a jerk about it, but welcome to the Internet. People
> swear, just like they do in real life. If your mom doesn't want you
> to hear those words, set up an email filter or something. Hell, he
> even censored himself, but you still felt the need to complain?
> I do agree that this topic is just fine on the list; it's not like
> we have these sort of threads every day, and some people could find
> this information (about the Academic Alliance and other things)
> useful.
> Actually, if you read the messages in correct order, you will see
> that *I* was the one that censored it in my response.
 >I'm not a prude, but that really is unnecessary. I'd like to think
 >we're a little more civilized.
>Peace... Sridhar

Oh, wow - I am SO impressed.

You're only a day late, and a dollar short

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