Free Linux and OpenOffice - even if your email address doesn't

Antonio Carlini arcarlini at
Sat Aug 30 17:28:39 CDT 2008

Tony Mori wrote:
> You're joking, right? Who the heck in THIS day and age is giving you
> schematics?

Let me be the first to welcome you to the list :-)

>We run HP, IBM, Sun, Cisco, and Dell hardware, and I
> hardly see
> ANY of them giving out schematics.

I doubt Tony has any DELLs, but I'm fairly sure he has some
HP kit ... an HP Laserjet iirc.

You'll note he said _he_ wouldn't use anything he couldn't
support himself. He's not saying that you should use the
same approach in the office ... that's not where the important
stuff lives!


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