Looking for DTC520 schematic, etc.

J Blaser oldcpu2 at rogerwilco.org
Sun Aug 31 00:25:35 CDT 2008

Jeff.kaneko said:

> How about a replacement controller?
> I think I have a couple of these in 
> cold storage.
> I think this was a SCSI to MFM bridge,
> originally made by Xebec or OMTI, or,
> I fergit.  I think I had some from both
> manufacturers.
> I can check stores if you like . . .

As far as I know it was a DTC original.  I don't know about them
being OEMed from anyone else.  And I'm pretty sure it only
knows how to talk to MFM drives (and floppies).

It has the normal edge finger connectors for the floppies and for
two ST506/MFM type drives.  There are also two unused (in this
system) 50-pin headers on the the other side of the board.  I'd
be very surprised if this was SASI/SCSI, but I have no idea what
they are.  The computer box connects to this through a single
50-pin ribbon cable that connects to yet another 50-pin header
in the central section of the controller.

Anyway, if you truly have a real DTC520 floating around in your
stash, I'd be glad to hear from you.

- Jared

> -- J Blaser wrote:

>>  My old Novell 2010 CP/M computer[1] has suffered a failure 
>> in the Data Technologies Corp. DTC520 controller.  IIRC, 
>> this controller can support up to 2 MFM/ST506/ST412 drives 
>> and 4 floppies.  In my case it's only hooked up to a single 
>> Seagate ST-506 (5MB! Woohoo!), and a single Shugart SA450 
>> 5-1/4" floppy.  Apparently this controller was not too 
>> uncommon in the day.

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