CDC/VAX tapes and drives

Erik S. Klein ekklein at
Sat Aug 30 19:38:18 CDT 2008

Got this in the mail but the tape systems aren’t of interest to me:

Found your name on a website related to antique computers and
components.  There are some vintage items at our company that we will be
discarding when we move to a new location so I am contacting you to see if
you have any interest.  We have reels of tapes and tape drives that can read
tapes written on VAX and CDC systems.  We also have cabinets for hanging
reels of tapes.  There is other stuff around too like old PC systems and
software that we are just beginning to go through.  So let me know what you
are interested in.  Also if you are not interested in the tapes or tape
drives do you know anyone who is?  I'd rather give them to someone who wants
them then to send them to the recycler.

If you are interested please drop me a line and I’ll forward the contact

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