Free Linux and OpenOffice - even if your email address doesn't end in .edu - (was Re: OT: Microsoft crazy academic deal)

Jim Leonard trixter at
Sun Aug 31 01:04:05 CDT 2008

Joe Giliberti wrote:
> Its just a matter of personal preference.

I think it's more about using the right tool for the right job.  I use 
Linux, Solaris, and Windows at home depending on the work I'm doing. 
Windows does the multimedia editing and gaming, Linux desktops for the 
wife and kids, and Solaris for the heavy lifting (ZFS fileserver, DNS, 
ftp server, SMTP, etc. etc.)  All of those OSes could do all of those 
jobs, but some are much more suited to certain tasks than others.

When it's a matter of personal preference, *that's* when all the 
fighting starts :)
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