AN/AYK-14 CDC flight computer on ebay

Al Kossow aek at
Mon Dec 1 18:20:35 CST 2008

DescriptionThe AN/AYK-14(V) is a high-performance general purpose computer with both 16-bit and 32-bit processing elements. It consists of a family of interchangeable processor, memory, power, 
enclosure and input/output modules that can be configured to meet specific price, performance and functionality needs for a wide range of applications. The AN/AYK-14(V) computer offers high 
performance and high reliability with a low life cycle cost, while meeting airborne MIL-E-5400, shipboard MIL-E-16400 and land MIL-E-4158 environments. It is the US Navy's standard airborne computer 
and is currently being used on a wide variety of military platforms by the US and its allies.The 16-bit version of the AN/AYK-14(V) is currently in its third generation, which is known as VHSIC 
AN/AYK-14(V). It provides performance of up to 20 Mips or more within a single enclosure and has a memory addressing capacity of 16 Mbytes. The VHSIC computer is fully compatible with software written 
for either of the prior generations. The instruction set is compatible with that of the AN/UYK-44 and AN/UYK-20 and is supported by the MTASS software development environment. Other 16-bit modules 
include 128 kbyte core memory, MIL-STD-1553A/B, NTDS, RS-232, Proteus, discrete Input/Output (I/O) and application specific I/O modules.


Will be interesting to see what it goes for..

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