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If you search ebay for "an/ayk", two additional listings will show up, both
for magazine advertisements, one from 1979 and one from 1982, presumably
depicting the kind of hardware this box controlled.

Here's some more data:

Type: Airborne general purpose computer.
Description: The Control Data AYK-14 is the USN's standard aircraft computer
and is described as being a microprogrammable device that is functionally
partitioned into modules. It is reported to be able to accommodate up to 16
Input/Output (I/O) cards, five of which are smart and incorporate their own
onboard controllers. Use of an expansion chassis allows for additional I/O
ports and the device incorporates two memory busses to provide overlapping
memory access. A PrePlanned Product Improvement (P3I) variant of the design
was first delivered during 1987 and is described as featuring a new single
card processor (which replaces three cards in the original configuration)
that offers twice the processing power and eight times the memory of its
predecessor. The new processor is also noted as incorporating a 16-bit
central processor, a 32-bit math co-processor (designated as the Extended
Arithmetic Unit), a cache memory and an extended instruction set. Control
Data is also understood to have developed a plug-in Very High-Speed
Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) processor module for use with the P3I AYK-14.
This VHSIC insert incorporates a 64 k cache memory and is said to quadruple
the device's processing power and `substantially' increase its memory.
Deliveries of the plug-in VHSIC module began during 1991 and it is thought
that all the USN's P3I AYK-14s will eventually be fitted with it. The
following specifications relate to the P3I variant of the device.
I/O: up to 16
Speed: up to 2.3 Mips
Clock rate: 1 MHz
Word length: 16 bits (can work on up to 32-bit data)
Memory: 4 mwords (in 32 kword semiconductor or 64 kword core modules)

Here's another neat link:

This too:

On 12/1/08 8:59 PM, "William Donzelli" <wdonzelli at> wrote:

>>  Will be interesting to see what it goes for..
> It should also be noted that the architecture is still in use. A
> couple weeks ago I was on AUSTIN in the Philly shipyard, and there was
> a really nice AN/UYK-20. Super nice, actually. But it had an ERDS tag
> on it, which basically says "keep your stinkin paws off".
> Someone should ask for a picture of the innards, to make sure it is
> not demilled.
> --
> Will


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