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Patrick Finnegan pat at
Tue Dec 2 00:53:01 CST 2008

On Monday 01 December 2008, Jules Richardson wrote:
> Bob Armstrong wrote:
> >   I and a couple of other people thought it would be fun to build
> > our own stand alone video terminal.  The prototype is a 3x5" PCB
> > that is completely self contained - all you need to connect is a
> > VGA monitor, a PS/2 keyboard, 12V power, and a RS-232 connection to
> > a host computer of your choice.  The idea is that you could easily
> > stick one inside the case of an old VGA monitor,
> > add a keyboard, and then have an ASCII terminal.  No PC required
> > :-)
> Hmm, I don't suppose NTSC TV is good enough to offer 80x25 text on a
> TV set, is it? That'd be rather useful as a way of sneaking a
> terminal into the lounge :-)

Probably not, but now that most people will probably have some sort of 
HDTV in their living room, you could always output 480P or 720P video 
to it through a Y/Pb/Pr "component" or HDMI-compatible output.  I'm 
guessing that doing that will complicate the video display, though.

> > Enough firmware finished now to be a functional VT220 clone
> Including vomit-inducing smooth scroll? :-)

Hey, I like smooth scroll, my only complaint is that it's so slow. :)

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