Open source, stand alone, ASCII terminal project

bfranchuk at bfranchuk at
Wed Dec 3 12:33:16 CST 2008

Pontus wrote:
>> PS: while the wrong list, Bob have many people finished the PDP/8
>> front panel
>> PCB's? I don't plan to since I am going to scoff the switches for a 18
>> bit cpld
>> cpu I am designing.
> Does this mean you have a SBC6120 kit lying around. I could think of a
> few that would buy it from you :) Me included if you have the nice front
> panel.
No, I plan to keep the SBC6120 kit I have here. I just have not built
the front panel kit since I started  DIY - hi - fi  valve amp project about
3 years ago. Upgrading to better audio is a real challenge for me
as I only have beer budget, budget. Note even if you get the $16
tube amp PCB you still need $1,600 for a set of real speakers like
I have found. See below for good audio speakers.

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