Triangle pseudo-Robertson screws [was Re: 5" floppy?.]

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Wed Dec 3 19:26:51 CST 2008

> And I'll disagree with the disagreement :-). I don't believe you should
> protect people from their own actions. If they want to get electrocuted,
> that's their business. The _real_ problem is that the person (if he
> lives) or his relatives then sues the manufacturer. The sooner such
> lawsuits are sent where they belong the better!

    But that is what happens everyday. I **do believe** people should be 
allowed to do drugs, and they should be free, given by the government. It is 
up to you to die crazy, or keep a healthy life. Of course, anyone caught 
doing nasty things drugged should be killed :) BUT...The government takes 
care of you as if you were a child and it were your mother.

    Ah, I don't do drugs. Don't like drugs. But I do believe in the right of 
each person kill yourself in the way he/she wants :)

> I've got plenty of things (not computer-related) that are more than 50
> years old. None of them have any non-standard screws holding them
> together. Many of them contain mains and/or higher voltages. Live chassis
> (AC/DC) power supplies in valve radios and TVs were common. And yet I
> don't believe everybody who owned such a device ended up killing
> themselves trying to repair it.

    Yesterday they even incluided schematics inside of it...It was VERY 
common in TV Sets...

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