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Wed Dec 3 22:13:55 CST 2008

The unit has some "future" proofing built into it, since it can upgrade 

When new functionality is developed, the owner simply copies the new 
firmware to a CF (or SD) card and reboots the device.  The device 
bootloader will scan for the new code, and program itself with the new 
code if found.  All versions have the feature.  And, I spent a few extra 
bucks and used a 128kB AVR on the unit.  Since the code is now 51K, I 
have plenty of room for new functionality (D81 images, "mounting" images 
under partition numbers, etc.).

Well, the SD version is soldered up, and I can talk to the CPU.  It 
looks like it recognizes the SD card, so I just need to test the IEC 
routines and tweak a few things.  I did realize I forgot to order 2.2uF 
0805 caps for the unit, so I'll have to think of something for the 20 
board I have on hand.  The size is not so critical, I do not think, as 
it's just a smoothing cap for the LDO 3V3 regulator.  Maybe, I can cheat 
and use 10uFs for the 20 units and get away with it... 


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