one more qume dt8 related question

Jonathan Gevaryahu jzg22 at
Thu Dec 4 21:56:30 CST 2008

The Qume DT8 I have has only the HL line cut on the programmable shunt 
block at 1E. This doesn't match any configuration shown in the usage or 
service manual.
Also, it has the SS trace (between U3E and U3D) cut. This trace is not 
explained anywhere in the user or service manual except that it is shown 
to exist.
The schematic at the end of the latest rev manual at bitsavers shows 
that it has something to do with whether head 0 or head 1 is selected 
(or perhaps loaded) in regards to the READY and INDEX signals on the 
shugart interface. Does anyone know exactly what it is supposed to do? I 
got lost in all the logic.


Jonathan Gevaryahu

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