Sources for 8b TTL keyboards (Keytronics)

Chris Elmquist chrise at
Thu Dec 4 14:23:07 CST 2008

On Thursday (12/04/2008 at 11:49AM -0800), Fred Cisin wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Dec 2008, ROBO5.8 wrote:
> > I also looked for a black box solution that would take an AT or PS/2
> > keyboard and convert it to a parallel port output.  So far no luck.
> > So let me turn to the experts and ask for advice and suggestions.
> > Please advise
> Instead, you are getting OUR advice.
> The cheapest black box to take an AT or PS/2 keyboard and output parallel
> is an AT.  Trivial programming.
> It can also function as an ASCII terminal for those CP/M machines that go
> that way.

This might get you pretty close...  shouldn't be too hard to hook an
8-bit serial in, parallel out shift register to this guy's code and get
your parallel output that way.

Chris Elmquist
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