Arcade games

Philip Belben philip at
Thu Dec 4 14:47:22 CST 2008

Eric Smith wrote:
> Andrew Burton wrote:
>> I hope someone preserved the Space Invaders song
> The one by Uncle Vic?  It's not hard to find.  "He's hooked, he's 
> hooked, his brain is cooked!"

That doesn't sound right.  Those words don't fit what I remember of the 
tune's rhythm, so I must be thinking of a different song.

The song I remember was a background music staple in the early 1980s.  I 
always assumed it had been written to promote the game, since the 
impression I got was of something warning of the coming menace, and 
urging you to go and fight it off.  But my memory is very fuzzy here - I 
may be way out.

(FWIW some years ago I attended a seminar at the Huddersfield Festival 
on writing music for steel bands.  It was mentioned that one of the 
popular layouts for steel pan drums is known as "Invaders" after the 
band that introduced it.  But I'm definitely not thinking of that!)


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