Cat manuals

Dwight Elvey dwight at
Fri Dec 5 17:04:59 CST 2008

Hi Al
 I forgot to mention that the Technical manual
seems to be missing page 93. This is the same
as I have. It might be interesting to make a trip
to the Stanford library and see if they have
this page in their copy.
 I'm not sure when I'd be able to do that.
 Looking at the manual, there doesn't seem
to be any context missing but a single
page section could have been missed.
 For non-students and non-graduates, one is
limited to 3 sessions a year at the special
collections section of the library. One still has to
reserve the document a few days in advance.
 If you are interested in researching other
documents from Jef's collection or anything
else in there vast collection, I can point you
to their information.
 I wonder if the CHM might already have some
special arrangement with the Standford library
on shared information for research purposes.
 Jeff left quite a bit of stuff related to early
Apple days.

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