Sources for 8b TTL keyboards (Keytronics)

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Sun Dec 7 13:27:51 CST 2008

> The p[roblem is that (a) I can't afford it, (b) I can't afford to
> maintain it, and (c) if/when it stops working, I haven't a clue how to
> fix it.

    You can have a windows PC with windows for free, just look around :) And 
I'm not talking about pirated software :)

> Indeed I do. My lathe, for example. But that came with full exploded
> diagrams and parts lists (oh, and a wiring diagram for the motor starter
> box). I understand how that works. And while I certainly don't have the
> skill to make many of the parts myself, I am capable of seeing which
> one/ones are defective, I am capable of measuing run-out, etc and I am
> capable of buying the right spares form the makers.

    Why you would need that with windows? Everything I use just works, why 
would that stop work?

> For me a tool has to work, and it has to be pleasant to use. If it isn't,
> I use something else. And the few times I've used Windows, I've found it
> to be extremely unreliable.

    That is something I find to be VERY funny.

    I think I'm one of the only people in universe that has a stable 
windows. My windows installation NEVER breaks. I have no trouble with that. 
Period. But:
    - I know how it works sufficiently not to install things that will make 
that uninstable
    - I have a good antivirus, this is the first program I install when I 
boot windows at first time
    - I have a set of services to disable
    - I use process explorer to see what is running and disable uneeded 
    - I don't instal dubious programs (e.g.: I know what I'm running)
    - I have an ORIGINAL copy of windows
    - I NEVER EVER EVER install windows updates, automatic or manual
    - I NEVER EVER EVER let outlook express download images or open 
automatically attachments
    - I NEVER EVER EVER let MSN open automatically anything, run things I 
don't know or install "emoticon packs"

    Tony, trust me. I have a WORKABLE and PLEASURE TO USE copy of windows 
XP. Of course I have now a sizeable machine (Core 2 quad, 4GB RAM, Geforce 
8600, 22" LCD) but it worked just as well with my old athlon 1800/512 ram. 
It is a matter of KNOWING what you do with your windows.

> I also have an aversion to using things I can't fix when they go wrong.
> Becuase they tend to go wrong at the most inconenient moment.

    Make it work well and it will never go wrong. Trust me.

> Well, at one time manufactuers of programmable chips were very bad about
> providing full documentation on how to program them. I have yet to find a
> completely 'open' FPGA or CPLD -- meaning a device where I can get,
> without signing an NDA or similar, full specification on how to send bits
> to the device (what pins to wiggle and how, what are the critical
> timings, what voltages to apply, etc) and also how to turn my design into
> those bits. Microcontrollers do tend to be more open (the PICs that I've
> used were fully documented), but I am not sure if this ICD system is.

    And it is still this way. No FPGA or CPLD open docs. But take a look at and see for yourself how it works.

    Alexandre, your fan :)

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