Kennedy tape drive 9600

Nico de Jong nico at
Thu Dec 11 00:03:32 CST 2008

You could look for cards called TXi16, TX8 and Datatrack ATC16.
You will also need some software, such as ODI (Overland Data).
The worst problem will be the cable, as this must correspond to the card. 
TXi16 and TX8 cables are identical to the best of my knowledge, but I've no 
idea regarding the ATC16

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Subject: Kennedy tape drive 9600

> I'd like to try and get a Kennedy tape drive (9600) up
> and running and wondered if anyone had any advice or
> possible interface cards?
> The unit is complete and appears to be working, I have
> two 50 pin connectors on the back, and the ribbon cables
> to IDE connectors. This is the PERTEC interface I'm assuming?
> I'm ultimately wanting to connect this to a PDP 11, but
> initially it would be good to connect this some how to a
> regular PC.
> Are there any cards available to do this? I do have older
> PC's (this is vintage computing after all) ie with ISA
> slots which I'm guessing would be required.
> Anyway, any pointers/leads appreciated.
> Thanks
> Ian.

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