68k homebuilts

William Donzelli wdonzelli at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 18:00:40 CST 2008

> > (if you can get a 68008, are they easy to get now?)
> >
>  Were they ever? I've got two 68008 ICs (one in the Cumana copro for a BBC
> micro, and one in a STE-bus board) and those are the only two I've ever come
> across. Compare that to a healthy pile of Z80 and 68000 (and '010 etc.)
> processors...
>  I'm not sure they ever really saw much widespread use (actually, what
> commercial machines used them other than the Sinclair QL?)

68008 was reasonably popular in the embedded world. The chips are
really not hard to get in the US.


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