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Bryan Pope bryan.pope at
Mon Dec 15 12:47:15 CST 2008

Jules Richardson wrote:
> Dave McGuire wrote:
>>   To be fair...Radio Shack did indeed descend into the murky depths 
>> of being an overcommercialized cell phone and cheap stereo equipment 
>> pusher, but just recently, over the past two years or so, they've 
>> started to come back.
>>   In that time, the electronic parts inventories of my two local RS 
>> stores has more than doubled.  They've inked some sort of an 
>> agreement with Parallax, Inc. and are now selling their stuff, 
>> including Basic Stamps and various sensors and robotics goodies.  Not 
>> all stores stock all of this stuff, but I've seen bits and pieces of 
>> it at several of them.
> Hmm, I went into the local one a little while back looking for 
> something or other...
> 1) Anything remotely interesting is stashed behind acres of gimmicky 
> plastic crap electrical goods,
> 2) There seemed to be a huge markup for 'convenience',
> 3) Fifteen sales assistants tried to pounce on me the moment I entered 
> the store,
> 4) The shop was in a mall, and basically a box with one side missing - 
> the noise level made it utterly impossible to have any kind of 
> conversation without shouting.
You will probably find the best selection of components at Radio Shacks 
in strip malls.



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