Engelbart's mouse / 40th anniversary

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 16:33:01 CST 2008

>    Abuse of terminology due to cluelessness is endemic in our  
> society.  Witness all the people who have "broadband" connections to  
> their houses (they're almost always baseband, but have lots of  
> bandwidth), and the guy down the street from me who swears that he  
> "has a satellite" in his back yard.

The ones that reallly irritate me are people taking about 'A USB' meaning 
a memory stick with a USB interface and 'Changing the CMOS' meaning the 
configuration RAM of a PC/AT or later.

>    People are clueless.  That, in itself, is forgivable.  What's NOT  
> forgivable is people being happy about the fact that they're  
> clueless, and lacking any particular desire to change.

Now when I make comments like that, I get flamed alive....


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