1Mx4 DRAMs (was Re: 8008 chips)

Marvin Johnston marvin at west.net
Mon Dec 15 19:31:57 CST 2008

ISTR that the 441000s were used in some of the RAM expansion boards for the HP
laserjet Series II printers as well as some of the EMS memory expansion boards.
I probably have a stash of them around here in boards, but it would also
probably take a day of looking to find them :).

> >  > Not 411000s - those are 1Mx1s unless I'm quite mistaken.  I have a
> >  > small pile of those.  What I need (as mentioned in the subject line)
> >  > is 1Mx4, perhaps known as 441000s, perhaps by other numbers; and I
> >  > agree with Keith that they are uncommon in DIP format...

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