ACCRC Sealed-bid Auction Update for 2008-12-16

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Tue Dec 16 23:08:52 CST 2008

ACCRC Sealed-bid Auction Update for 2008-12-16

Many people asked about the functional condition of some of the items
in the ACCRC sealed-bid auction, and some asked for the configurations
of some of the higher-end systems.  So I took the time last night to
test each machine and below is a summary of the functional status of
each machine in the current lot.  In summary: nearly all the machines
tested work just fine.

Also, several people had problems logging in, changing their password,
or creating an account.  All of these problems should be fixed by now.
If you continue to have any issues logging in or creating an account,
please let me know ASAP and I will address the issue immediately.

FYI, the closing time for this auction is this Thursday, December 18,
at 12:00PM PST.  There's still plenty of time to update your bids (if

The next auction lot will be posted by this weekend, with a target
date of December 19 (this coming Friday).  More good stuff is on the
way, so don't blow your wad all at once.

Functional Summary of Current ACCRC Sealed-bid Auction Lot

"GOOD" means the unit powers up and displays video (if applicable).
"NLS" stands for "Non-Linear Systems" (see below for explanation).

## Item                              Condition
-- --------------------------------  ---------------------------------
 1 Olivetti Divisumma 24 Calculator  Untested; needs funky power cord
 2 HP1000 Model A900                 Powers up; see below for config.
 3 Apple Silentype Printer           Unable to test (needs int. board)
 4 Lagamarsino Totalia 6341 Calc.    Untested; needs funky power cord
 5 Kaypro 4                          GOOD; NLS; drv. B latch is broken
 7 Kaypro II                         GOOD; NLS
 8 NEC PC-8201A                      GOOD
 9 Kaypro 2X                         Does not power up
11 TRS-80 Model 4P                   GOOD
12 Kaypro 2                          GOOD; slight video warping
14 Kaypro 1                          GOOD
15 Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II      Withdrawn (see notes below)
17 Osborne 1                         Power cord cut; cannot test
18 Apple Silentype Printer           Unable to test (needs int. board)
19 Apple //c                         Untested (no power brick)
20 IMSAI Z80                         No attempt made to test
21 Osborne Executive                 GOOD; slight video jitter
22 Osborne 1 (Gray)                  GOOD
23 Osborne Executive                 GOOD; slight video jitter
25 Osborne Executive                 GOOD
26 Kaypro 4                          GOOD; brightness is over-driven
27 TRS-80 Color Computer 2           Unable to test (no video cable)
28 Magnavox Odyssey 4000             Beeps; video untested; ~GOOD
29 Access Portable                   GOOD
30 TI 99/4a Expansion System         Unable to test
31 TI 99/4a                          Didn't bother to test
32 Tandy 200                         GOOD
33 TI Silent 700                     Does not power up
34 Tandy 600                         Powers up; scrambled video
35 Atari 800XL & 1050                Untested (no power brick)
36 Sony SMC-70                       Powers up; need video cable
37 Macintosh 128K                    GOOD; see updated description
38 Macintosh (Original)              GOOD; "Sad Mac" = 0F0002
39 Altos 8600                        Powers up; HD sounds sick
40 Famicom Clone                     Unable to test
41 Canon Cat                         GOOD

Additional notes on certain machines:

Kaypros - Kaypro Corporation originally started out as "Non-Linear
Systems, Inc.", changing its name after the success of their Kaypro
computer line (their initial claim to fame is bringing to market the
first digital voltmeter; see Wikipedia for more details).  Early
Kaypro computers were labeled as being made by "Non-Linear Systems".
In my opinion, these early machines are more rare and valuable than
the later "Kaypro" branded machines.  During the course of my more
detailed inspection, I realized that several of the Kaypro machines
carry the "Non-Linear Systems" branding.  "NLS" in the condition
column above indicates a "Non-Linear Systems" branded machine.  The
item descriptions on the auction page have been updated to reflect
this new information. 

The "Non-Linear Systems Kaypro II" (Item #15) has been withdrawn
because it was determined that it was already sold.  I apologize
profusely for this.

Osborne Executives - the "slight video jitter" indicated might be a 
side effect of the drive motors when the unit is seeking a boot disk.

HP 1000 Model A900

The configuration of the HP 1000 A900 is as follows:


As noted above, this machines powers up, but no other information
about it's functional condition is known.


The configuration of the IMSAI Z80 is as follows:

CompuPro CPU-Z (Z80 processor with 1985 date code)
Cromemco 32K ByteSaver
Fulcrum Static RAM (?)
Fulcrum Static RAM (?) [second board]
Digital Research Computers RAM (?)
Godbout System Support 1
Morrow Disk Jockey/DMA (floppy disk controller)
Morrow HDC/DMA (hard disk controller)
IMSAI MIO (Rev. 2)
CompuPro Interfacer 4

No attempt was made to power on the IMSAI.  This is pretty much a
project machine, though it's in good enough condition that an
experienced hobbyist should be able to get it booted with a couple
hours of tinkering.  It's a good starter machine for a noob.

Please contact me if you have any further questions about any of these

Best regards,

Sellam Ismail
Vintage Computer Festival

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