USB Model M

Göran Axelsson axelsson at
Sat Dec 20 17:29:42 CST 2008

Alexandre Souza wrote:
>> I have a small uC device that I made that uses an FTDI USB->TTL 
>> converter.  I wish USB was as straight-forward as you describe.  I'm 
>> currently running into problems when transferring, very quickly, some 
>> data from the uC to the PC.  The problems are related to overrunning 
>> the PC, where the PC isn't scheduling reads from the device fast 
>> enough to prevent drops.  At least interrupt-based I/O can "demand" 
>> attention from the cpu at any time, where USB is at the mercy of 
>> being scheduled.
>    I do that at 921kbps and had no issues.

I have just finished a project with a PIC32 (MIPS32 core) working as a 
voice codec and talking to a linux PC over the USB buss. We got it up to 
310 kBytes/s and not dropping a single package during hours of running. 
The communication on the PIC side is solved by constantly polling the 
USB bus to catch every event.
We had problems with package dropped every ten seconds or so but we 
traced it back to a iproute cache flush that the kernel was doing.

The USB bus is fast but with standard hardware it isn't hard to get the 
speed up. If you have problem with overruns, check if the PC is doing 
some periodic maintainancy or there are any other devices using the bus.

Sorry for being a bit OT but just to add a bit of nostalgia to my post, 
my next hobby project will be a transputer link to USB interface.



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