4.3BSD Quasijarus

Johnny Billquist bqt at softjar.se
Sat Dec 27 15:25:46 CST 2008

"Bob Armstrong" <bob at jfcl.com> wrote:

>> Dave McGuire wrote:
>>   I think 5MB is correct.  And don't they use the same memory array  
>> boards as the PDP-11/70?
>   Yes, the 725/730 is limited to 5Mb, although it's tricky to find enough
> slots for this if you've got any peripherals.  I have a 11/730 that's
> fortunate to also have the BA11-K UNIBUS expander box, so I've got room for
> 5Mb, but that was an unusual configuration.
>   The memory boards used in the 730 are the same as the 11/750 1Mb memory
> boards.

Fun. I didn't know the 11/730 used the same memory bus.
The 11/750 and PDP-11/70 MK-11 box uses the same memory bus, but 
unfortunately the MK-11 don't support any larger arrays than 256 KB 
memory boards.


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