Jupiter Ace - PCBs and such

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sun Dec 28 16:32:24 CST 2008

On Dec 28, 2008, at 5:10 PM, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
>>>>     - Single sided board (does not matter how much jumpers I'll  
>>>> have to put
>>>> in this beast)
>>> Double sided PCBs are not much harder, surely?
>>   In fact they're a whole lot easier, at least for the soldering!
> And if you use turned pin IC sockets, and place them carefully &  
> solder them in in the right order you can also top solder them if  
> you are making the board at home, where you won't have plated  
> through holes.
> Plus generally a double sided board has less holes to drill :)
> BTW I was given a bare unpopulated Ace board for Christmas, I have  
> taken some scans of it but at 1200dpi they are *HUGE*

   I'd be willing to turn those scans into Gerber files if you send  
them to me..


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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