What kind of IC is this

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 16:30:01 CST 2008

Tony Duell wrote:
> Well, having a backup of the PROMs is surely a good idea for 2 reasons : 
> 1) If the rest of the board is standard parts (even if they are failry 
> rare ones), then shoulc something fail you have a chance to get the 
> replacements. If it's one of the standard parts, you can hunt for 
> another board that used it (not necessarily from this machine), if the 
> PROM fails, you can burn a replacement.

What do people do regarding microcontrollers (old or new) with embedded ROM? I 
mean an EPROM or PROM's just address lines and data, so reasonably easy to 
dump - but presumably life's a bit more difficult when the ROM is local to the 



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