Any word on OS/2 for PDP-11?

Al Kossow aek at
Fri Feb 1 15:38:31 CST 2008

My last comment on this bit of absurdity is
from Bob Supnik, who would have been in the
position to know as one of the senior VAX
engineers in the 80's.

I didn't even bother asking if a PDP-11 version
of OS/2 existed.


No, there was no VAX version of OS/2.
And a luggable wasn't done on my watch.
No idea who Dan Gahlinger is, either.
Does he have a "VAXmate" (which was really a
PC, and could run OS/2) confused with a VAX?

Now, if he means "luggable like a Rainbow",
which was just a PC chassis without keyboard or monitor,
then there were tons of those - every VAXstation looked
more or less like a Rainbow, since they all came out of
the same industrial design group ("any color you want,
as long as its beige").  If he means a real luggable,
with a built in monitor and keyboard, I never saw one.
But the VAXstation 2000 was fairly small, only slightly
bigger than a DECmate, so repackaging it with a fold out
keyboard and a small monitor would have been possible,
if some government group wanted one.


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