never knew DOS system files *weren't* resettable

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Feb 3 16:17:43 CST 2008

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, Fred Cisin wrote:
> XP might not let you turn off the Hidden bit unless you also turn off
> the System and Read-only bits.
> ATTRIB foo -S -H -R

On Thu, 31 Jan 2008, Chris M wrote:
> ( but not 6.22. AAMOF the ATTRIB of 6.22
> would generate an error - "incorrect DOS version" or
> whatever when I tried to change things on it. Maybe
> it's hacked up. Maybe my lt is hacked up LOL.

THAT's another problem.
The ATTRIB program from 6.22 will NOT run on DOS 5.00, etc.
Each version's programs, including ATTRIB, will NOT run on any other
version, even if the differences would not matter.

In every program file (.COM or .EXE) of every version of DOS since 2.00,
there is a little code similar to:
MOV AH, 30h
INT 21h
CMP AX, xxxx
JNE .....

This was done after people used DOS 1.00 programs (SS) such as CHKDSK,
under DOS 1.10 (DS), and destroyed instead of repairing disks.

You could, of course, find the correct copy of ATTRIB, or edit that code.
Or, you could install SETVER - the "innovative" program that gives DOS the
ability to lie about its age to function 30h INT21h calls.

>  Anyway, all's well that ends well. I got my Fujitsu
> Stylistic 1000 to boot. Got DOS onto the compact flash
> card to begin with using the HP USB Disk Storage
> Format Tool - in, you guessed it, a USB card reader.
> You can download it if you look for it.


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