Looking for TK50 tapes & RX50 disks...

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Tue Feb 5 09:08:49 CST 2008

At 4:57 AM -0800 2/5/08, silvercreekvalley wrote:
>The RX50 disks - I'm assuming are different to regular
>5.25" floppy disks (DSDD) - I do have some of those,
>I'm told the magnetic composition of the RX50 disks is

There is an old DOS tool for turning PC floppies into RX50 floppies. 
IIRC, you need a 1.2Mb Floppy drive in the PC.  I can't remember if 
you convert DSDD or DSHD floppies to RX50's.

>Finally, someone has changed one of the RX50 disk
>for what looks like a standard (PC style) 5.25" disk
>drive. I'm just wondering if this was a standard thing
>to do, or a bodge?

Good question, sounds like you either have an RX33 or someone has 
hacked a Teac of the correct model to work as an RX33.


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