Any word on OS/2 for PDP-11?

Antonio Carlini arcarlini at
Tue Feb 5 14:38:23 CST 2008

der Mouse wrote:
>> ever heard of the Vax 11/750 ? You know, the one with the PDP-8 FEP ?
> Sure you don't mean the 780?  I didn't think the 750 had a FEP at all;
> at least, on the ones I used I didn't see anything identifiably
> FEPish,
> either hardware or software.  (I also *think* the 750 wasn't around
> pre-1980, but I'm a lot less sure of that.)

The VAX-11/750 had no FEP. The VAX-11/780 had a PDP-11/23 (iirc)
which kicked it into life, ran the floppy etc. All clear in the
prints. The VAX-11/750 prints are definitely on the net. I think
the VAX-11/780 ones are too.

Everyone knows that KO flicked the switch on the first VAX-11/780
off the production lines on 25-OCT-1977. There were no VAXes
before then (and the VAX-11/780 was not luggable by any human

If Bob Supnik says there was no luggable VAX on his watch, then
that's more than good enough for me. If there were luggable VAXes
before his watch, one has to wonder why DEC made such a hoopla
about the MicroVAX II (mid 1980s, distinctly non-luggable, although
it could make a comfortable seat if you were tired).

I know der Mouse knows all this, but just in case someone trips over
this thread 20 years from now, I thought I'd throw in a few easily
verifiable facts for them check out. Rumours start way too easily.


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