Any word on OS/2 for PDP-11?

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Tue Feb 5 15:10:10 CST 2008

On Tuesday 05 February 2008 15:52, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> versions that are on wheels) isn't a luggable, but a rainbow is.  The
> DEC Rainbow I've got at home is bigger than a VAXstation 3100, and
> unlike the Osborne 1 and Exec that I've got, does not have a built-in
> monitor, or detachable/attachable keyboard.  Or, do you mean a form
> factor that's not similar to the Osborne 1?

You have Osbornes too?  Does your O-1 have the DD and screen-pac upgrades?  I 
saw a lot of those machines,  there being a local club and me having my shop 
in the building of the dealer who was selling them.  I liked the exec pretty 
much,  excepting the single-sided drives,  but never cared for the O-1 as 
much,  mostly because of that 52-column screen.

Remembering how after installing the screen-pac upgrade for folks I could 
actually read those characters when it was set to 104 columns...!  Not 
something I think I could do these days,  though they do have a pretty sharp 
screen,  there.

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