Whitechapel Workstation - schematics

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 18:25:07 CST 2008

> Does anyone have the schematics for the Whitechapel
> Workstation. I'm trying to 'rescue' a WCW that has
> the dreaded leaked battery.

I have scheamtisc for the MG1 -- the whole thing including the power 
controller board, RAM expansion, IBM backplane and so on. I don;t know 
how similar your machine is to this, though.

> Its not made too much mess, but there is quite a bit
> of crystalised battery fluid mainly on the terminals
> of components directly beneath the battery.
> The WCW wont boot, although the disk drive and fans
> spin up OK, the front on/off button doesnt function.

Hmmm. This, alas sounds as thought it might be very different to the MG1. 
The MG1 won't do anything with a flat battery -- it needs that battery 
to energize the pwoer-on relay. 

Have you checked the power supply outputs with a voltmeter? Mind you, if 
the drives are spinning up  I would assume the PSU ios basically working.

Is there a front panel LED? On the MG1 there's one between the 2 DE9 
connecotrs for the keyboard and mouse. Does it flash any kind of error 

> Although I can hear a faint click on the PSU 
> 'controller' from the small relay.
> Any tips on how to clean this and/or anyone with a
> spare mainboard (too much to hope for but you never
> know) - :)

You want a chemically weak acid (the leakinge is alkaline, basically (!) 
potassium hydroxide, although it's probably picked up carbon dioxide and 
become potassium caronate now. I normally used citric acid, availabe from 
come pharmacies over here, and also I believe from the home wine/beer 
making shops. 

I am still wondering where that relay is getting power from, though.


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