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>>> Evan Koblentz was their technical consultant for the portable computing

Specifically, I supplied the IBM Simon.

They explained that the Osborne was from '81, and that the Powerbook is from
'91, but they didn't explain -- despite my protests -- that real laptops
debuted in the '82-'83 timeframe, and were very common by '86 or so -- and
that laptops were old-hat by the time the Powerbook came along.  They kept
harping on the importance ??? of the wristpad.  I'm betting it was just an
Apple bias.  Oh well.

All of the computer parts are finished by about 15 minutes into the program.

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This is a little OT but the show does track back to things on-topic.

>From the producer:
Modern Marvels: 90s Tech
Premieres: TONIGHT!
Thursday, February 7th @ 8pm ET/PT on The History Channel (please check
local listings)
90s Tech: It was the dot com decade that opened up the information
superhighway.  "Modern Marvels: 90s Tech" takes you way back to the end of
the 20th century and the beginning of today's trendy technologies. From DVDs
to TIVO to GPS, see how the digital gadgets we can't live without all
started in the 90s.  Hear the Amazon story from its very own founder, Jeff
Bezos, and see how millions of cyber goods are packaged and shipped at an
800,000 square-foot Amazon distribution center.  At Google, learn the
science of the world's most popular search engine.  And was Furby really a
threat to national security?  We go beyond its furry exterior to show you
the inner-workings of the intriguing pet.  Heavyweight Boxing Champion
George Foreman, will show us how to "knock out the fat" with one of the
best-selling appliances of the decade.  And its creators will demo some of
the original first-person shooter games: Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. 

There is some neat stuff about Google including some images from the CHM.
When they talk about portable computers they show an Osborne 1 (mine), a
PowerBook 170 (also mine) as well as some other gear.  The Compaq in the
background is another item I sent them for the show.

Evan Koblentz was their technical consultant for the portable computing

It's a bit late for the East Coast folks but the show will re-run, I'm sure.

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Forums

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