[personal] TV Spot: CBM Pet

Mike Hatch mike at brickfieldspark.org
Fri Feb 8 03:27:34 CST 2008

Spotted that one last night as well, was hoping to get a front view but no 
luck, didn't see any cables out the back or labels either, I thought it 
might have been the chiklet version, but no substantive reason for this.

Don't believe the police used them, I thought they had dumb terminals into a 
local mainframe.
Quite a few in private industry, we had one for code development, stock 
control and accounts for a few years.
It became unreliable untill we figured out it was the ic sockets and 
replaced them all, never failed once after that.


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> Spotted a CBM Pet (unknown model - I wasn't watching closely enough) on 
> the
> new BBC TV series "Ashes to Ashes" (sequel to Life on Mars).
> Did the British police force use CBMs in the '80s, then? I'd have thought
> they'd have gone straight in with terminals attached to a mainframe or 
> mini?
> Cheers,
> Ade.

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