error with tapecopy writing, buffer to small ???

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Sun Feb 10 11:07:41 CST 2008

On Sunday 10 February 2008 05:51, Doc Shipley wrote:
> g-wright at wrote:
> > I have been playing with Eric Smith "TapeCopy" and some cartridge
> > tapes.After reading them, when I try to write them, I get an error
> > message that the tape image is too long for the for the 32768 byte
> > buffer . I'm running it on a linux machine ver is  RedHat 7.2. Not
> > to sure why ???  tapes where DC600 (60 Meg).
>    Check the drive's block size ("mt" command in RH7.2), on reads as
> well as writes.  Every time I've had trouble with TapeCopy, that was
> the problem.

I might add that some (all?) QIC cartridge tapes (DC600 I know is in 
this group) use fixed block sizes, so tape copy doesn't really get you 
anything over using dd to copy the tape into a (bunch of) file(s) and 
back, or straight tape-to-tape.  From what I remember, those drives 
seemed to like a 32k block size too.

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