Syquest/Iomega removable cartridge drive interfaces of early 80's

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Mon Feb 11 15:17:28 CST 2008

> In my head I cannot always keep clear the
> distinction between the early 80's IOMega
> and the early 80's Syquest removable cartridge
> drives.
> Am I correct in remembering that the Syquests of
> that time used the 34/20 pin MFM-hard-drive
> "ST506" interface?

I have a couple of old SyQuest drives with this sort
of interface. They're sort of an odd form factor,
IIRC, like a tall 3 1/2" drive. 3 1/2" sized
cartridges though.
> Were all the early 80's IOmega's SCSI or did they
> use something before that?

> Syquests were always 5.25" or smaller form factors,
> is that right? Any 8" things
> I'm remembering are probably Bernoulli Box carts?

I know the first Bernoulli boxes were big 8"
cartridges. I have one such external dual drive unit.
I'm pretty sure the interface is SCSI, but I'm not
positive. I don't have any cartridges, so I never
fooled around with it.

Later Bernoulli drives (early-mid 90's) were 5 1/4"
cartridges. I have seen SyQuest in both 5 1/4" and 3
1/2" cartridge styles.


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