Oldest operational computer was Re: cctalk Digest, Vol 54, Issue 23

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 07:58:35 CST 2008

Charles H Dickman wrote:
> Jules Richardson wrote:
>> Charles H Dickman wrote:
>>> So what is the oldest computer still operational?
>> I have a can of worms that can do math...
> ?

It's just one of those questions which crops up every once in a while, thus 
opening a whole can of worms :-)

I don't think there's any 'right' answer as even if (as someone mentioned) the 
various terms of the question were defined, chances are that answers from 
popular history still wouldn't reflect the reality.

It seems that 'big ideas' are rarely invented by any one person or group - 
typically several efforts seem to pop up around the globe within a very narrow 
space of time, and the person credited in the history books isn't always the 

Of course, as a discussion topic on this list, 'first computer' is still 
pretty interesting.



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