Help identifying Mystery CDC Terminal...

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at
Sat Feb 16 16:16:54 CST 2008

I love it!

I am going to take one of your back panel images, and imbed it into a windows error message - 'ERROR - verify your settings are correct.'

This recycle thing is a boon for us collectors huh?

On my day job, I am a designer, and this new RoHS requirement for all electronics is breaking us, but at the same time it gets media attention so goodies dont end up in the dumpster.

Think of it a s don't pour your auto waste oil in the gutter - now everybody takes their used electronics to the recycle place, GREAT!
Jed, California is the place you outa be.  I bet the green hot tub granola crunchers have the best recycle shops.

I just have to find mine, in Reno....


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> Subject: Re: Help identifying Mystery CDC Terminal...
> Josh Dersch wrote:
> > 
> > Hey all --
> > 
> > Picked up an old dumb terminal (and I feel secure in calling this one
> > "old") today at Re-PC in Tukwila, WA (I'm starting to really dig this
> > place...).  It's a CDC, labeled on the back as a "Display Terminal" (go
> > figure), Equip. Id #CC5A5-A, Series Code 2, Part #15551800.  I haven't
> > been able to find any information on this beast at all on the 'net.
> > 
> > I've put up some pictures here:
> >  (Haven't had a chance
> > to clean it up yet, so it's kinda smudgy...)
> > 
> > My favorite thing about this terminal is the huge, backlit buttons on
> > the front for Power, etc... very cool :).  I've powered it up after
> > giving it a check-out, and it appears to work fine. I haven't hooked it
> > up to a serial line yet, but that's coming... maybe Linux has a termcap
> > entry for this thing? :)
> > 
> > Opening it up reveals repair tags with dates in 1974.  There are four
> > PCBs mounted inside, connected by a ton of ribbon connectors (there's no
> > backplane to speak of).  Looks like it's all TTL, though I haven't taken
> > the boards out to investigate.  Not sure I want to disturb them :).
> > 
> > Anyone know anything about this thing?  What's it capable of?  What was
> > it originally connected to?
> Well, it looks just like the surplus one we acquired in my high school
> electronics lab ca 1977, and which we connected up as the console to a Motorola
> MEK 6800 board. I got to take it home over one summer, wrote some (manually
> assembled) cassette-tape storage routines for it.
> If it's the same as the one I recall playing with, it was a fairly 'typical'
> remote (note the CTS indicator) time-sharing terminal of the early 70's: RS232
> with modem control lines, printer port, may have been upper-case only - don't
> remember for certain.
> ..pull the boards and check the date codes and technology of the ICs. Nice
> find, IMHO, those random-logic pre-microproc CRT terminals are getting pretty
> rare, most of them were scrapped by the late 70's/early 80's.
> (If I may make a general request to people when putting up photos like this,
> resizing them if possible (they're all near to 2MB), down to something sensible
> for casual perusal/download would be helpful to some.)
> (.. I like the big old "No. 6 Ignitor" dry cells in the background, haven't
> seen any of those since the 60's.)

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