Help identifying Mystery CDC Terminal...

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Tue Feb 19 00:00:57 CST 2008

>> ..pull the boards and check the date codes and technology of the ICs. 
>> Nice
>> find, IMHO, those random-logic pre-microproc CRT terminals are 
>> getting pretty
>> rare, most of them were scrapped by the late 70's/early 80's.

I pulled out the boards (and made scans of them while I was at it -- -- warning, really 
large images again so as to make the chips readable.)  I think, if I'm 
deciphering the date codes correctly, that the components are from 

I also got a response from the folks at  They don't know 
much about it either, but they think that it's probably a CDC 711 
terminal (possibly a 713, though the 713 only supported 300 baud), and 
they even dug up a termcap entry for it (which I have yet to try):

C3|713|cdc713|Control Data 713:\

and a bit more info:

    Control Data Corporation 713

Status:    Supported by ":CRTSTY CDC713".
Users:     DPR
Price:     forgotten in the dawn of time
Screen:    16 x 80
Chars:     7 x 9 with descenders
Keybrd:    rotten
Speeds:    110,300
Has:       Random, CLEOL, CLEOS, Standout
Lacks:     Addr, Tabs, InsChar, DelChar, InsLine, DelLine, Overstrike
Misfeatures:    300 baud maximum speed!

Additionally, the description at seems to match what I've got pretty closely.

So that's it.  Seems like this'd be a nice terminal to use with my 
SBC6120 (may just mount it inside given how much room there is :))

Thanks for all the feedback and input.  Nice to know a bit more about 
this thing.

- Josh

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