HP-21MX bootstrapping?

Tim Riker Tim at Rikers.org
Wed Feb 20 02:36:50 CST 2008

Steve Robertson wrote:
> [ how the loader works snipped ]
> Sorry, I can't find the perl script right now. I moved a couple of years ago
> and can't find anything :-) . If you are keen on pursuing this, let me know
> and I'll try to hack something together for you.

Well, what I'm after is finding out if this is what an HP 264x terminal 
sends. I guess I'll read the kernel source some.

There are no \n \r etc in there? just a continuous hex stream? That 
should be simple enough to handle. I'll try digging out the loader.

> The ROM's I have are the 12992C mini cartridge tape loader type. My
> system(s) originally had a serial terminal attached. The terminal had a
> minicartridge drive in it for mass storage. The operator would initiate the
> ISL on the 1000, then send the data from the terminal to the 1000 thus
> booting it. In my solution, the PC just emulates the terminal.
> I may have a spare ROM if you beg a little :-)

:) I may eventually. :)

> BTW: Has anyone found a way to a copy the ROMs? I have tried numerous
> equivalent devices but, haven't had any success replicating them.

Jay West can do it. Not sure what he uses to copy them though.

Don't know if you saw in my other email that I was able to use the tape 
loader rom to load hpbasic1.abs tonight! (well, last night as it's 
morning now) It was just a timing issue. I wrote a little C app that 
sends the file slowly while logging each block to stderr. I can likely 
reduce the usleep() time and still have it work reliably. Fun times!
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