VAX wish list.

Rod Smallwood RodSmallwood at
Thu Feb 21 05:42:59 CST 2008

    I have nearly all I need to do a Vax cluster. Namely a VAX 4000
model 200 , a 300 and a 500.
I'm a few bits short for the 300.:
            1.     The Console Bulkhead Assembly. (70-27400-01) Its like
a door to the Processor / Memory mounting area.
            2.     The top part of the two part front door on the BA440
            3      One or more RF series drives and the Bezel Assembly
            4.    Filler strips to go over empty Qbus slots.
            5.    A KZQSA SCSI controller.
I can get this stuff from theUS but the price is a rip-off and the
shipping horrendous.
If anybody has or knows where to get any of these items in the UK or
Europe I would be pleased to hear from them.
Rod Smallwood
The DECcollector

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