EBAY Alternatives, was Re: eBay Monkey Business

Marvin Johnston marvin at west.net
Sat Feb 23 23:55:22 CST 2008

I stopped selling on ebay before the January 29th announcment and am totally
disgusted with what passes for management. (major rant deleted) Search youtube
for ebay boycott or ebay strike and there are a number of "editorials" there as

I suggested to Sellam that NOW would be a good time to get the Vintage Computer
Marketplace back online, but it hasn't happened yet. Since I haven't kept track,
are there other classic computer related places to buy and sell? A "yes" answer
should be followed by the sites URL :).

> In case you all had not noticed, there was a major change at Ebay this
> week. Google for details.
> Also, there is a good sized strike amongst sellers this week as well.
> Some decided just not to sell. Some decided to shut down their stores.
> And some have decided to play games, just to play games with Ebay's
> bean counters.
> The best thing to do this week, and most of next, is to just NOT USE
> Ebay for EITHER buying OR selling.
> --
> Will

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