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Tue Feb 26 22:03:38 CST 2008

Richard wrote:
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Billy Pettit looked  at a Justowriter a friend had, which is a variant 
of the Flexowriter, and for the specimen we had him look at, he noted 
that there are quite a number of belts to go bad, and in the case of the 
one that he looked at, most of the belts were bad.

Even if your unit is working, I suspect it might not take much demoing, 
since that is what you want to put it to.

I'd certainly display the unit, but if you want to hook something 
working up, I'd suggest an ASR33.  The spares are more plentiful, and 
there is less to wear out on one that is in good condition.

Also the I/O aspect of your Flexowriter makes it more useful to people 
who need them for original equipment as well.  I don't know if the I/O 
interface is documented, or if you propose to just automate one which is 
not already automated, but if you do have one with an interface, the 
heritage and particulars, and if you would be so kind, documentation on 
the interfaces would be good to have in circulation.


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